How can I become a Member-Owner? Is it an annual fee?


This one is easy! Simply fill out the membership application and submit a one-time payment of $300/household or sign up for the 12-month $25 monthly installment plan* (plus processing).

No really, it is only a one-time fee per family. There is no annual fee. However, per the needs of the cooperative and as we grow, there may be increases in the fee** over the life of your membership.


* By signing up for the monthly installment plan, you IMMEDIATELY have the benefits of an owner as long as you are up-to-date on your monthly installments. After THREE PAYMENTS you will have voting rights in the Co-op.

** As part of the Membership-Owner Agreement, Member-Owners agree to invest in equity share fees deemed necessary by the Co-op Board of Directors of Kennett Community Grocer. A member equity share increase is an additional contribution to KCG’s capital fund beyond the current initial $300 Member-Owner buy-in fee. Such a contribution would only be requested in order to preserve KCG and after all other avenues of financial viability are exhausted. A membership vote would be conducted to determine the amount of money that members would be asked to contribute, and the Board of Directors will honor the democratic vote on this issue. Members-Owners may choose whether or not to contribute and still have full access to the store either way. However, without the additional contribution specific member benefits – such as potential profit-sharing and member discounts – would cease.

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