June 2022 Newsletter

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The Mushroom Messenger

KCG Monthly Newsletter: June 2022

Bringing you the latest news on the KCG Food Co-op. We cover monthly news related to local food, community, and culture.

Hello to our Member-Owners and Friends!  With summer around the corner, we wanted to update you on what we've been up to and what to expect this summer.
May was a big month for events and our Member-Owner campaign. For those that are new to KCG, we welcome you! We also want to say a big thanks to our current Member-Owners who are spreading the word to recruit new Member-Owners, as well as our volunteers.
Due to stormy weather, our table event at the Cinco de Mayo event was canceled but we hope to be there next year. We had a nice event at The Creamery on Friday, May 6 and all who attended received a ticket for a free drink! Please be on the lookout for more events such as this in the future.

In addition to recruitment events, one of our Board Members was able to attend the Up & Coming food co-op conference in Madison, Wisconsin which helps co-ops foster development through networking and providing education on strategic planning, marketing, etc. We plan to put that knowledge to good use over the next few months. 

We have a busy month ahead of us and if you are on the fence about joining KCG, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk to us and move ahead with membership. We will host “Lunch with Edie” at Mary Pat’s, table the Juneteenth Event in Anson B. Nixon Park, table the Kennett Farmers Market at the end of the month and host a pop-up event at Kennett Friends Meeting House. You can find more information about all these events (and more) in the “Upcoming Events” section below. 

Introducing the KCG Co-op Box!
Toward our mission to provide quality, locally accessible food we introduce the KCG Co-op Box! For the next five months, we will offer a monthly box of local produce with our partners at Flying Plow Farm. Similar to a CSA (without the up-front commitment), our box will feature locally grown, seasonal produce. Follow this link to learn more and pre-order from our website.

Each co-op box will cost $35 and will be available for pick-up on the last Saturday of the month from June to October. Pick-up will be at the Kennett Friends Meeting House at 125 W. Sickle Street in Kennett Square from 10am-12pm. Each month during that pick-up window, we will host an educational event that features local vendors, farmers, and community organizations that connect us to our food sources and environment. Everyone is welcome to attend this family-friendly community event, whether you purchase a Co-op Box or not.  

If you’re interested in reserving your June KCG Co-op Box, you can go to https://www.kennettcommunitygrocer.coop/box to pre-order your box today! Pre-order by noon on June 19th to be guaranteed our June co-op box.

Calling all volunteers…
In the coming weeks, we will be calling Member-Owners and asking how you can help our Communications Team with Outreach and Recruitment. Specifically, we are seeking people who have interest and skills in certain areas. Please take a moment to consider contributing as we pursue our goal of adding at least 100 new members before the end of 2022.

We need people who will:
  • Write copy for social media posts and press releases
  • Website Design/redesign-this year we hope to make our website even better
  • Database work including building spreadsheets to use in our future Capital Campaign
Everyone responding to this call to action will be working with and at the direction of the Communications Team.  We will not burden you and every bit of effort will help us.

If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected] or wait for us to call you in the coming weeks to discuss further. Alternatively, feel free to join us during our Communications Committee Meeting on June 28th. More information can be found in the Upcoming Events section below.
Since our last newsletter, we have added 12 new Member-Owners! We are now 232 member-owners strong.  A big thanks to all who made this happen. Our 2022 Growth Plan is on target.  If everyone who is on our email list and follows us on social media would become Member-Owners, we would be financing our store and putting that proverbial spade in the ground to build the store.  If you are still hesitant to join, check us out at www.kennettcommunitygrocer.coop, and/or contact us with your questions which we will be delighted to answer. You can email us at [email protected] or simply reply to this email.

Already know you want to join? Click the button below to sign up!


Each month we highlight Kennett Area businesses aligned with our mission to promote locally produced foods and crafts.  This month we feature, Alex Castina, the owner and Roaster at Cookie’s Caffe from Chadds Ford, PA.  If you find yourself frequently searching for good coffee and coming up a bit disappointed by the taste, search no more.  This coffee is by far, the best you will ever taste and enjoy.  And it is roasted and packaged LOCALLY! 

Alex is a unique Roaster who roasts on a small-scale basis, using coffee beans sourced from single origin coffee farms and shipping it to you on the same day it is roasted. You will enjoy the experience of fresh coffee flavor.
Cookie’s Caffe, named after Alex’s dog, the famous Cookie featured on the logo, began with experimenting with a popcorn machine and watching lots of online videos from coffee roasting experts.  Much self-study followed and Alex eventually moved up to fancier roasting equipment scaling up to business sales.  Cookie’s Caffe now has a product you will buy again and again.

Alex can be found selling his coffee every other week at the Kennett Farmer’s Market or it can be ordered online at www.CookiesCaffe.com. You will also find Alex at our KCG Co-op Box Pick-up event (info below). Earn Reward Options for the purchase of more coffee, Coffee Gear, Gift Cards, great T-shirts or Grinders.  Please support this terrific local business we are proud to feature.



6/7: MOVE Meeting (7pm-8pm)
This is our monthly meeting for volunteers to discuss upcoming events and ways in which you can plug into the organization. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and/or expertise, we would love for you to join via Zoom.

6/11: Lunch with Edie (11am-1pm)
We will be at Mary Pat’s in the Market at Liberty Place the second Saturday of every month from 11 AM to 1 PM.  Please come out, grab lunch or a beverage and sit down for a chat with us.  You all hold the keys to our new door.  You can help us open by sharing your ideas.

6/13: Public Board Meeting (7pm-8pm)
We meet as a Board on the second Monday evening of the month by Zoom at 7PM, every month except July and December.  These meetings are open to the general public and we welcome you to attend our meetings and find out what we are doing to move the co-op forward. Here is the Zoom link to join.

6/18: Juneteenth Poetry Slam (11am-1pm)
We will be at this year’s Juneteenth Poetry Slam in Anson B. Nixon Park (405 North Walnut Street, Kennett Square, PA). Come out to see and hear the hip hop icon, Roxanne Shante and our local student poetry champion, Isabella Hanson. This event is free to all and we hope you will stop by to support this great event and to connect with us.

6/24: Tabling at the Kennett Square Farmers Market (3pm-6pm)
Come chat with us at the Kennett Square Farmers Market at the Creamery (401 Birch St., Kennett Square, PA). This is the perfect opportunity to chat with a Board Member about joining and have all questions answered while picking up some local produce from our great KSQ vendors.

6/25: KCG Co-op Box Pick-up Event (10am-12pm)
Come pick-up your pre-ordered KCG Co-op Box between 10AM and 12PM at Kennett Friends Meeting House (125 W. Sickle St., Kennett Square, PA). Even if you didn’t order a box, we’d love to see you! The Kennett Square Farmers Market Vendor, Brandywine Bee, will be with us to sell honey and talk to us about how honey is made and the importance of bees to our local farms. Coffee will be provided by another KSQ vendor, Cookies Caffe and Alex will have great bags of coffee to sell. You can find more information about the event and pre-ordering your box here.

6/28: Communications Committee Meeting (7pm-8pm)
This is our monthly meeting to discuss upcoming communications strategies and projects. If you’re interested in volunteering your time and/or expertise, we would love for you to join via Zoom.

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