October 2022 Newsletter

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KCG Monthly Newsletter: October 2022

Bringing you the latest news on the KCG Food Co-op. We cover monthly news related to local food, community, and culture.

Hello to our Member-Owners and Friends! Read the news of our growing KCG Co-op!
Our Board Meeting on September 12 was productive and moved us forward in terms of development of the store. The Board reviewed the Market Survey that 188 of you completed, we approved obtaining a Market Study of several possible store sites, and we approved expanding the Board to 12 members to recruit more help for business development. Please stay tuned for emails regarding the Board expansion and applications for Board positions.

As for the Market Study, thank you to the 94 Member-Owners who responded. The remainder of the responders are active email-reading folks who have not yet joined. Now is the time to step forward to get us to 300 Member-Owners by December!

We heard you and are excited to put your ideas into the store. Overwhelming responses are to have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, a welcoming store, fruit and veggies, dairy and meats, bulk foods and fresh baked items. We will provide that and more! When we say We, we mean, YOU!

We voted on funding a Market Analysis Study to be done by an expert in the Food Coop field. Debbie Suassuna from G2G Research will be coming to Kennett Square to do the work. She will evaluate three potential sites considering the distribution and demographics of the population, the trade area access in terms of parking and roads/streets, and the relevant grocery store competition. She will also do a detailed sales forecast for the next four years. Anyone wanting to take Debbie to dinner or lunch to share your ideas or make comments on this Study, please reach out to us a [email protected]

Remember, we meet as a Board on the second Monday evening of the month by Zoom from 7 to 8 PM, every month except July and December. You can attend our meetings and find out what we are doing. The Zoom link is here:
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9042382954. Passcode: KCG.

The KCG Coop Boxes continue with the next pick-up on Saturday, October 29. Also, please watch out for emails monthly from us and from the Kennett Library regarding free health events at the Kennett Library for the LIVE BETTER: KCG/Kennett Library/Chester County Hospital partnership. We will have a table there and you can sign up to join KCG at our table! 
We are now 266 member-owners strong with plans to hit 300 by December. Please watch out for emails regarding our October Campaign to drive membership. There will be a raffle of $300 worth of coupons going to the lucky person who joins during this campaign!


How is food produced? How is it sold? What is the impact of food production on the environment? This is the first of an occasional series of educational pieces for Members-Owners to increase our knowledge of community food systems and better understand the role of food co-ops in the system.

This writer recently had the opportunity to visit the San Joaquin Valley of California. This is the southern two-thirds of what is known as the Central Valley. The Central Valley is 50 miles wide and 450 miles long, nestled between the Pacific coastal mountain ranges and the Sierra Nevada range. It comprises less than 1 percent of US farmland but, according to the U.S. Geological Survey, produces 25 percent of the nation’s food including 40 percent of the nation’s fruits, nuts, and other table foods. It is also a place of massive dairy farms and factory meat operations. Viewing the land from a car traveling along Interstate 5 provides both shock and awe as you take in the immense landscape of this factory-farmed, corporate-agriculture reality. It is an ecosystem under stress, subjected to mega-drought, political wars over water supply, and an impending mega-flood, predicted to occur within the next several decades. A mega-flood last happened in 1861 and it destroyed the entire valley and the lives of people who farmed there. When this occurs, consider what it will do to our current food supply.

In addition to threats from extreme weather events, this land has nitrate-polluted ground water and significant small-particle air pollution that is shocking to see from the overlooks of the Sierra National Park. At an overlook at 10,000 feet, one can view the hazy pollution created by farming operations and truck traffic taking products to market across the United States. Indeed, this area has some of the worst air pollution in the US!

The future of the environmentally vulnerable San Joaquin Valley and much of our U.S. food supply is to a great extent held in the hands of corporate financial interests who own and use the production of almonds and pistachios as a financial asset in stock portfolios. The land is used for profit, and its present and future is determined by how much money it will make for few people.

One tenet of the food co-op philosophy is that better stewardship of land is both possible and necessary for the wellbeing of future generations on this planet. To learn more about Kennett Community Grocer’s mission and vision, visit our website. To learn more about the financialization of agriculture, read “Rivers of Finance, But Not a Drop to Drink: Financialization, Power, and Agriculture in California’s Parched Central Valley” and follow articles appearing on the website of Food First: http://www.foodfirst.org. Food First is a “think and do tank,” dedicated to ending food injustices and helping communities take back control of their food systems.



Member-Owner Campaign!
Help us meet the goal of getting 20 new Member-Owners during the third week October. If you’ve been thinking about joining, this is a great time. If you are already a Member-Owner, it’s a great time to nudge your friend or neighbor. Each day of that week, a coupon to a local business will be raffled off to those who join that day or to a Member-Owner who has referred a friend that day even if that friend doesn’t join. Check out our website for the benefits of lifetime membership. Become part of this growing and committed community of folks who value local, nutritious, and affordable food.

10/10: Public Board Meeting (7pm-8pm)
We meet as a Board on the second Monday evening of the month by Zoom at 7PM, every month except July and December.  These meetings are open to the general public and we welcome you to attend our meetings and find out what we are doing to move the co-op forward. Here is the Zoom link to join: 
https://us06web.zoom.us/j/9042382954. Passcode: KCG.

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