October 2023 Newsletter

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The Mushroom Messenger

KCG Monthly Newsletter: October 2023

Bringing you monthly news of the Kennett Community Grocer, a growing Food Co-op committed to local food, community, and culture.

Hello to our Member-Owners and Friends!
In this edition:
  • Working Team Updates
  • Member-Owner Referral Bonus
  • October Co-op Box
  • Annual Meeting Preview
  • Fall Recipes


We are now 330 Member-Owners strong. As we push forward with the many plans to open the store, we cannot take our attention away from the need to continually add members to the Co-op. A cooperative is the membership, it is all of us who own the store and sustain the operation together. As 2024 proceeds, we hope to surpass 500 in membership and continue to grow. Let’s work together. Talk to friends, relatives and neighbors and bring more Member-Owners into the fold.

For the next three months, we are offering a referral bonus for any Member-Owner who refers a friend who then joins—a free Co-op Box! Let us know who you have referred. That person will provide your name on the membership form, and we’ll get you the box!



The KCG Board of Directors met by Zoom call on September 11, 2023. At each meeting we present the current membership numbers as well as hear reports from the various areas responsible for moving our organization forward. In addition to a monthly Treasurer Report, our working teams inform the Board of things they are working on, things they have achieved in the past month and their future plans.
  • The Communications Team reported on the organization of the internal Social Media Calendar and an analysis of KCG Co-op Box future plans. Because of the increasing amount of work required of our limited number of volunteers in the coming year, specifically as it relates to fundraising to secure the store and hire the General Manager, our Box team has decided to end the Co-op Boxes as of January 2024. The good news is that you can continue to receive great produce from our fabulous partners, Flying Plow Farm, year-round through their CSA, which you can order on their website.

  • On September 13, the Events Team held a Happy Hour at Victory Brewing Company and will continue doing these events. We will not have one in October but look for announcements for November gatherings.

Some September Happy Hour Smiles

The KCG Board of Directors meets monthly on Zoom. All Member-Owners are invited to join in on Board meetings and contribute to the work of creating our store. The next board meeting will be on Monday, October 9. See the KCG events calendar for the Zoom link.

Our Board currently consists of the following members:
Edie Burkey, President
Britton Elwood, Vice-President
Greg Danchik, Treasurer
Erin Selfe, Secretary
Tracy Bhalla
Paige Britton
Lindsay Cook
Adam Peterson
Tom Sausen
Henry Schlimme
Beth Tumas
There is one vacant seat
As per our By-Laws (and also because we like seeing each other!), we will convene an Annual Meeting for all Member-Owners. This year’s meeting will be held on Friday, October 27 from 6 to 8 PM at the Kennett Library, 320 East State Street. We will have a time to mix and mingle and enjoy appetizers provided by Greek from Greece, wine from Casa Carmen, and beer from Braeloch. A presentation to update Member-Owners on our progress in 2023 and plans for 2024 will follow in the Auditorium. This should be an informative and fun event. Please RSVP here!

Thursday, October 19, 5:30-9pm: Third Thursday. Kennett Collaborative's community nights wrap up this month. Stop by KCG's information table. State St., Kennett Square.

Sunday, October 22, 12 pm: Order deadline for October KCG Co-op Box. This month's box:

Friday, October 27, 6-8pm: KCG Celebration and Annual Meeting.

Saturday, October 28, 10 am-12pm: Co-op box pick up. Friends Meeting House at 125 W. Sickle Street in Kennett Square

Looking ahead: Thursday, November 16, 6:30pm - 8pm: KCG Volunteer Appreciation Night. Contact Mitch if you didn't receive your invitation: [email protected].
Pre-Order Your Co-op Box
Annual Meeting Preview and Pitch for Volunteers
The Kennett Community Grocer's Annual Meeting (October 27, 6-8 PM at the Kennett library) provides an opportunity to remind ourselves of our mission and goals and to psych ourselves up for the coming year—one that promises a leap forward in our progress towards a store. We are a group of volunteers—neighbors from the Kennett Square region—who feel passionate about accessibility of high quality and locally sourced food and goods. The goal is a welcoming store where it is easy and rewarding to shop.

Member-Owners and volunteers are crucial to realizing a physical Kennett Community Grocery store. KCG is not a corporation with a wealthy investor who can easily build, staff, and stock a new enterprise. To borrow the barn-raising metaphor, all of us who join and volunteer are the ones getting it off the ground. You have paid for your equity share—hammered together the framework, and the Annual Meeting will update you on how that investment will be used to open the store.

Now, in addition to your membership stake, we need everyone who desires a store to come do some of the lifting to make it a reality. We need volunteers at every level of involvement and with a variety of skills. The KCG Board is all volunteer as is everyone working on the various teams. At the Annual Meeting you will hear from dedicated Volunteer Coordinator Mitch Warren, who can help you find your niche and navigate your volunteer role. Some current volunteers are raising young families and working full time, some are retired but still have busy lives. If you choose to volunteer, you also choose your time commitment. The only skill required is the desire to see a fully functional store soon.

The work of building a KCG store is divided up among working teams who each have a function in shaping the process. Communication, Events, and Volunteer Teams have already been mentioned in this newsletter. They and the remaining teams will be presenting at the Annual Meeting to give you a full picture of our organizational process. You will hear from the Business Advisory Team, for example, on where they are in terms of fundraising and acquiring a store location.

And you will have an opportunity to see where you can fit in, where your passions and skills as a volunteer might lie. It will take more than the current 10 percent of our membership volunteering to raise our store into reality. Please come on October 27, see what we are doing to open this store and offer your time—even limited—and your guidance. We need your brains and muscle as well as your financial investment.
Harvest Cake and Apple Brownies

Our thanks to Niki Barnes

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