Why would I buy a membership to a co-op that isn’t even open yet?


Kennett community Grocer is still in the Organizing Stage, which means we do not have a physical location at this time. Once we hit a certain level of ownership buy-in and equity in the bank, we can decide on a physical location. With that, we are always keeping our eyes peeled for the perfect location to come available. In the meantime, a KCG Member-Owner card still holds value! Learn about our Member Benefit Program.

A cooperative is a community initiative. We need to have 50% ownership be in the community. This way, one large corporation or bank cannot call all of the shots. Each owner gets one vote and there is equality; the member community at-large is responsible for our store. We need the support of the community to raise equity and work our way toward opening our doors. Without the cooperation of the community, there is no store. Helps us reach our goals and take back control of our food system!

The exact benefits of becoming a Member-Owner are still to be determined, but some potential benefits include:

  • Voting rights
  • Opportunity to be on the board of directors
  • Special owner discount days at the store
  • Daily Discounts
  • Dividends
  • Owner-only events/classes


Drop us a line and let us know what are some benefits you would like to see as an owner!

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