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Our mission is to build a co-op grocery store that makes quality local food accessible to the community: “Kennett Community Grocer” (KCG).

KCG will be a member-owned and operated one-stop shop providing the whole community with nutritious and delicious food, create living-wage jobs, and provide access to healthful nutrition education.  We have a clear mission, passionate Member-Owners, and overwhelming community support for a food co-op open to all which can build and sustain the power of "local."

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Following the passionate community meeting several years ago full of support for this dream, KCG has grown thanks to the efforts of a strong group of Member-Owners who are hard at work as volunteers, board members, committee workers, and food producers – all ready to walk through the doors of the Kennett area’s own food co-op.  We can already smell the bulk spices and envision the shelves full of locally-sourced groceries in the storefront we work to bring this vision to life!  And many of us have gotten a wonderful taste of what’s to come through the KCG Co-op Boxes of local produce on sale for the first time in 2022!




This is the best way support the opening of KCG! – Each membership funds a piece of our future store and gets us one step closer to opening day.  Make an investment in Kennett Square's community and its food environment! Choose between a one-time payment of $300 or an installment plan of $25/month for one year (plus processing).  Memberships apply to individuals or households.  As soon as you sign up, you will receive an email confirmation followed by an introductory packet in the mail.

What do you get?

  • A financial share in the food co-op
  • Influence on strategic direction and operation of the store
  • Discounts on the products you purchase
  • Educational opportunities
  • A vote at annual meetings

Why join now? – As more and more of your neighbors decide to invest in this enterprise by becoming Member-Owners of this business, the closer we get to realizing the KCG vision – securing a location, filling the shelves, staffing the departments, and switching the lights on for opening day.  There is an active Board of Directors and committed volunteers ensuring the soundness of the business plan, building relationships with community organizations and producers, and scouting physical locations.  Progress towards opening our store continues to depend on the strength and commitment of the store’s ownership.  All we need is you!

Become a Member-Owner today!

We are also actively recruiting volunteers to help our Board of Directors with a variety of tasks! Learn more and register to help!

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