What is Kennett Community Grocer?


The Kennett Community Grocer will be a welcoming space that provides the whole community with quality, local, accessible food. 

The Kennett Community Grocer, a member-owned and operated food co-op, will be the anchor of your everyday shopping—a one-stop grocery store that nurtures the economy, health, and fellowship of the Kennett Square area. It will source many products from local farms and producers, create living-wage jobs, and provide access to healthful food and nutrition education. This sustainable food co-op is the missing link in our neighborhood. 



  1. Provide accessible, affordable, local, natural foods to the entire Kennett Square community and surrounding areas.
  2. Use sustainable practices and encourage the promotion of greener lifestyles.
  3. Serve as an educational hub and resource center to assist the community in living healthier lifestyles.
  4. Improve the food system by recovering produce and repurposing food that would have gone to waste.
  5. Provide affordable and/or subsidized grocery options to lower-income individuals and families in our community.
  6. Serve as a communal space for all members of the area to come together and strengthen the community.


We need YOU to become a Member-Owner before we can open the doors!  

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