Kennett Community Grocer wants owners and shoppers who are informed about how their grocery store is governed. As a cooperatively owned business, it is absolutely critical for everyone involved to have an understanding of how decisions are reached and who is responsible for what. The Bylaws are the foundational document that answers these questions. The complete and current version of Kennett Community Grocer's Bylaws can be found here.

Another important resource is Kennett Community Grocer's Member-Owner Agreement. This is a contract between the Community Grocer and its owners that clearly lays out the responsibilities of both parties. Every member-owner must read, sign and follow the Owner Agreement to be in good standing and receive all of the benefits of ownership.

Transparency is at the heart of how Kennett Community Grocer functions. To this end, the Board of Directors will publish the minutes of all of their public meetings.

Lastly, the Community Grocer operates with many policies that are set by the Board or membership to ensure good day-to-day operation. Access to all of these policies is addressed in Kennett Community Grocer's Records Policy.