Board of Directors

Edie Burkey (President)

As a shopper at Weaver’s Way Co-op in Chestnut Hill, PA and as someone who almost moved to Brattleboro, Vermont just because they have a terrific food co-op, I am passionate about what a food cooperative can do for a community.  I joined Kennett Community Grocer to work diligently to make this place happen.  Building community relationships, reaching out to others with a passion for local foods, providing an economic engine for our community members and encouraging the sharing of our rich diversity are what Kennett Community Grocer is all about.


Britton Elwood (Vice-President)

Sometimes you need to start small to make a big impact, and I believe the retail food cooperative is the perfect model to begin healing our national food system, one community at a time. My passion for sustainability, local foods and a desire to improve the food system has led me to earn a Masters in Public Health after 10+ years in the restaurant industry as a pastry chef. My previous experience and current role as Operations Coordinator for the Kennett Food Cupboard (KACS) has taught me how to work diligently in challenging situations while successfully engaging with the community. I hope to use my public health skills to create programs for the co-op that provide local, healthy food for everyone in the community. My biggest dream for the co-op is to encourage everyone in Kennett to start composting, recycling and buying in bulk! I love being a part of the Kennett community and think Kennett has such an abundance of community spirit and enthusiasm; it is the perfect town for a food co-op.


Diane Bove (Secretary)

I have lived in Kennett Square for 14 years and spent nearly 10 years working at The Garage Community and Youth Center in a variety of capacities, but primarily as the volunteer and mentor program coordinator. This experience taught me a lot about community building, communication, and the incredible network of people and resources in the Kennett area. I bring knowledge of communication platforms, effective engagement, and a willingness to engage in community outreach. I love this community; it’s diversity, community programs and engagement, the heart toward local and commitment to preservation and empowerment. I am passionate about food and where it is sourced. Food literally is life and I believe we should be an involved part in our food system. I am so excited for this food co-op and what it represents to build community, educate, increase access, and increase our ability to steward resources.


Greg Danchik (Treasurer)

As a graduate of Kennett High School and life-long Kennett resident, I am deeply committed to the families of the communities in the Kennett area.  My wife Heather and our son are so proud to call this beautiful community home.  I joined Kennett Community Grocer to encourage our community members to join the movement and together build a great local food store providing economic opportunities for farmer producers and food store employees.  As Treasurer, I offer my skills and experience in the financial services industry to protect and report on Member-Owner equity which will build the store. 



Kris Gibbons

My wife, Kara, and I moved to Kennett Square from California 16 years ago.  Today, our three children and 2 great dogs call Kennett Borough home.  We have chosen this place to start our business, KSquared Health Coaching, and know people in our community are eager to eat healthy, local food.  I joined Kennett Community Grocer because I believe making daily small changes in eating habits produce a big impact on the health and happiness of our lives.  Having a local food cooperative with access to produce, dairy and meats which are sustainably grown using healthy agricultural practices will greatly enhance this change.

As the Special Events Director, I bring experience as a former chemical engineer professionally managing projects, developing strong relationships and getting buy in from stakeholders.  These are all skills needed to help us open the doors.


Adam Peterson

I joined Kennett Community Grocer to help propel us from a Movement to a future co-op grocery store. I offer 25+ years of experience leading creative teams in a wide range of industries including software, medical/pharma, music and entertainment, direct marketing and health/wellness.  I have a passion for creating customer experiences that bring people together through a strong message and compelling brand.



Lindsay Cook

My husband, Nate, and daughter, Zoe, moved to Kennett Square in 2019. I joined Kennett Community Grocer because I have a passion for healthy eating and a strong commitment to helping our farming community.  As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a BS in Business Administration and a Masters in Taxation, I love analyzing data and helping people use numbers and finance to better their lives. I plan to use my skills to further the growth of our movement, protect our Member-Owner equity and be prepared to help us obtain the financial tools needed to open the doors.



Beth Rzucidlo

I joined Kennett Community Grocer with the goal of  sharing the bounty of the farm my husband and I own in Lincoln University.  We raise milking goats, pasture-raised pigs, turkeys and chickens.  We also have a small apiary producing honey and honey products.  I am very involved with our local and state-wide farming community including mentoring 4H youth. I hope to encourage our farming community members to become Member-Owners of KCG and usher them into the store as future producers.