Pay to Become a Member-Owner


First, please review our Member-Owner Agreement.

By purchasing Member-Ownership of Kennett Community Grocer, you are agreeing to the following:

I, ____________________________ (the “Member-Owner”), hereby make application for membership in the Kennett Community Grocer (“Co-op”), and I agree to be bound by and to uphold the following terms and conditions:

  • I hereby certify common bond under the Pennsylvania Cooperative Corporation Law of 1988, and in accordance with the Co-op’s Articles of Incorporation as follows: The corporation is a consumer-owned cooperative and the common bond of membership is that its members are consumers of groceries that wish to co-own, patronize, and share in the governance of a grocery business that operates on a cooperative basis, in alignment with the seven cooperative principles, for their mutual benefit.
  • I agree to abide and be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (available online or by request).
  • I agree to support the Co-op in upholding and advancing the Cooperative Principles and Values as adopted by the International Cooperative Alliance:
    • Values: 1) Self-help; 2) Self-responsibility; 3) Democracy; 4) Equality; 5) Equity; 6) Solidarity; 7) Honesty; 8) Openness; 9) Social responsibility; 10) Caring for others.

    • Principles: 1) Open and Voluntary Membership; 2) Democratic Member Control; 3) Member Economic Participation; 4) Autonomy and Independence; 5) Education, Training and Information; 6) Concern for Community; 7) Cooperation Among Cooperatives.

  • I agree to invest in the Co-op, membership capital in such amounts and in such a manner as may be required by the Co-op Board of Directors (“Board”). More info here
  • To ensure adequate capitalization of the Co-op, the Board retains the right to modify the equity share requirement from time to time.
  • Should capital required of Member-Owners be increased, I understand that I must add to my capital account within a reasonable period of time, so as to continue to receive the rights and benefits of membership and ownership.
  • Ownership rights, equity, and benefits may not be transferred in any way.
  • Equity invested may be refundable, should the Member-Owner choose to resign from membership. Resignation nullifies the benefits of membership. The Board reserves the right to assess a reasonable fee for processing resignations. Equity and other capital invested in the Co-op is subject to risk, up to the amount invested. The Board retains the right to withhold equity funds when necessary to protect the Co-op’s financial viability.
  • I must keep the Co-op informed of any changes to my name, address, phone number, or email address.
  • Should the Co-op, accept this application for membership, and upon payment of the full established equity share, the Co-op shall issue one (1) share of stock in the Cooperative to the Member-Owner, entitling the Member-Owner to all rights and privileges of membership.  The share certificate will be sent to the Member’s address on file.
  • The Co-op will reflect in an appropriate capital account, the equity or other such capital received from the Member-Owner.


Next, select how you would like to pay for your lifetime household membership:

No, really - there is no annual fee!

  • One-time payment - $300 one time Member-Owner equity payment (plus $9 electronic payment surcharge). 
    Select $309 and 'One-time' below.
  • Installment plan - $25/month for one year (plus $1 monthly electronic payment surcharge). 
    Select $26 and 'Monthly' below.
    • You will immediately have the benefits of an owner as long as you are up-to-date on your monthly installments. After three payments you will have voting rights in the Co-op.

1. Amount


2. Your information

Contributions are not tax deductible.

3. Payment information

Contribution rules
Kennett Community Grocer is not an IRC section 501(c) tax-exempt charity. Rather, it is a community-owned Cooperative that benefits its local owners, local consumers, and local suppliers.